Logo Usage

Firm policy prohibits using the firm name and logo in any endeavor that is not specifically related to firm business or identified with specific practice development efforts. If you are using the McGuireWoods name or logo in connection with an event or other activity, please contact our Marketing Department at DesignCenter@mcguirewoods.com for approval.

Firm Name


The full legal name McGuireWoods LLP must be used once on all marketing materials.

McGuireWoods London LLP is the legal name for our London office and should be used on collateral that describes the services offered by attorneys practicing in Europe.

McGuireWoods is one word with no space between the two names. There is no comma before or periods within “LLP.” Do not separate the name or split on two lines.

Incorrect Usage

McGuireWoods Logo

The McGuireWoods logo is the most immediate representation of our firm, our people and our brand to the world. It is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper approved forms.

Logo Usage

Please call the McGuireWoods Marketing helpline at 804.775.7424 or email DesignCenter@mcguirewoods.com if you have any questions regarding the use of the firm logo.

1. The logo should not be modified in any way. The color may not be changed; only black (on a white or light-colored background) or white (on a dark background) is approved for use.

2. There should be a minimum of 1/4” (.25”) perimeter around the logo at all times. No text, image or other element should infringe upon the MW logo.

3. The McGuireWoods logo should not be used in place of the firm name or as part of a sentence.

4. The firm website address www.mcguirewoods.com and/or the tagline 1,100 Lawyers | 22 offices may be used in conjunction with the logo. This tagline should be 1/4” distance from the bottom of the logo and in a bold font.



Black logo for use on light backgrounds.

JPEG   |   EPS   |   PNG

White logo for use on dark backgrounds.

EPS   |   PNG


Logo Guidelines


  • Do include the logo on all collateral and internal and external communications.
  • Do use the black logo on a light background.
  • Do use the white logo on a dark background.
  • Do include a minimum of 1/4” space around the logo.


  • Don’t alter the color of the logo.
  • Don’t apply any effects.
  • Don’t add a tagline.
  • Don’t rotate the logo or skew it in any way.
  • Don’t make a pattern or texture out of the logo.
  • Don’t combine the logo with any other elements such as other logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans or symbols.


Using the Logo on a Background

The logo used against a dark-colored background should be white.

The logo used against a light-colored background should be black.


Incorrect Usage





Black logo on dark background

White logo on light background

Text too close to logo


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